About me

I am a Software Engineering Manager specialising in Front End/Mobile Development and Web/User Interface Design with over 14 years industry experience. I have worked mostly with large global brands and organisations with permanent positions at Europes leading photo printing service, a leading shopping comparison site and the world’s largest online travel company.

I have always had a passion for all things creative and technical, With every project the aim is to produce stunning and eye catching designs with user experience as the main focus. as well as a front end solution of the highest standard.

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What I do

I specialise in Front End Development and User Interface Design to create web sites and email newsletter communications for every need and purpose. I also have industry experience in designing for print, previously producing newspaper/magazine adverts, event brochures & posters and CD & DVD sleves.

Below details my areas of expertise:


  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Adobe CC Suite

Key techincal skills

  • HTML 5
  • OO JavaScript
  • jQuery, YUI
  • Grunt, RequireJS, Node.js
  • Java, PHP, .net C#